For my promotion project, I wanted to produce something unique, so I challenged myself by making a unique business card. As a (freelance) designer, its pretty hard to get some exposure from the audience without the proper funding, Unlike the big advertising agency’s who can advertise their work on all kinds of media. This is where I realized, I needed to do something extraordinary and cheap, to get more exposure.

I used to ride the train to go to work, and whenever I looked around at the train-stations. I noticed that a lot of people drank coffee out of cardboard drinking cups. The prints on the coffee cups were diverse but mostly blank. which is where I got the idea to use the drinking cups as free advertising tools, by turning them into business cards. their easy and cheap to produce and will blend in nicely in the train wagons as someone else’s garbage. The trick comes in when the train passengers see it as an ordinary coffee cup at first, until they give it a second look. and see what message it sends out.

Edmundo Moi-Thuk-Shung
Personal work
Guerillia marketing, Illustration, craft, 
March 09, 2011