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1. Positioning
When your starting out, its important to understand that your always growing and have to let others know that you exist first. 
Having a portfolio is fine and all, but without any redirection to your site, you’ll not get any clients to hire you.  

2. Creating a following online
Every design platform has a comment or follow system. You can get more exposure by following and commenting on other designers who have the same interests as you do. I tend to follow over 800+ artists on the graphic design platforms and show them respect on their work. This doesn’t do much when it comes down to getting a job, but its a good way of letting people know of your existence. My top 3 of design platform recommendations are: behance.net, carbonmade and Coroflot.

. Creating value
I strongly believe in creating things that could educate, improve or make life easier for the its end users.

This way your work will be remembered because their build out of a valuable standpoint, rather then the sake of the way it looks.
Not that theres anything wrong with nice looking designs, but its still more effective by adding some versatility to it



4. Showing the process of your work
Its really common to see finished work without any trace of a work in progress sequence in it. which is fun and all, but its more interesting to see the progress because it would prove to others that you drew it from scratch. And people can really appreciate the hardships you had to go trough to get that end result.

butter sketch
5. Social media
Its clear that you can comment on artists work on social media, but you can also create memes or quotes and add your spin on them.
I like to use Facebook and Instagram to showcase my work by creating simple characters along with a quote. I post these 3 times a day on
social platforms.this way it lets people know what you’ve created.

I Hope these tips are helpful.
Feel free to add some constructive criticism in the comments below.

Edmundo Moi-Thuk-Shung

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