Dealing with Attention deficit disorder

There are a lot of artistic people who have to deal with mental disorders.
For those who don’t know: Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a disorder where you have the inability to filter your thoughts. this may cause heavy problems in the daily chores of people who were born with this disorder

Unfortunately there is no cure for this, but there are ways that could take more then 3/4 of problems/ stress away from you by being self aware and taking notes of your actions.
(Note: i’m not a psychiatrist nor do I own any diplomas in the medical field. 
I just apply these tips and tricks to decrease this problem.)

Ive been reading a lot of articles of ADD on the internet and I would like to put out that there are a lot of misconceptions on the behavior and actions of people with ADD w
hich is why I chose to share my perspective on it.

1. Write things down
Make lists of your daily chores by using stickies (write pads) or the Free app: Evernote.
Evernote lets you write down your daily chores and save your progress with

2. Exercise
You probably already realized that the more you try to think This happens because of a shortage of dopamine.

To generate this, you can workout. Not super intensively but rather just by being active. You can walk for an hour a-day or do yoga/ tai-chi in the morning to relieve stress in your body and mind.

3. Breathing

Your breathing is the first thing i recommend paying attention too, cause if you don’t regulate your breathing properly, it can result into sweaty panic attacks. So its recommended to take a deep breath every 5 minutes or keep in check if you need to.

Ive been using Odorex to reduce the sweating. and the reason why I choose it, is because it “works”, unlike normal deodorant. Its inexpensive and lasts for 2 days max.
I hope that these methods can be of help to you or of someone you know or taking care of.
Feel free to add constructive criticism.


Edmundo Moi-Thuk-Shung

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